5/12/1923 ~ 5/10/2010





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  • Born in Los Angeles, this class of ‘44 Pomona College alumna moved to New York upon graduation to work for Carrier Corporation where she met her husband amongst the returning servicemen of WWII. Although “Marge” fondly remembered her childhood home on Roanoke Road when it was the southern edge of San Marino, she ended up stationed around the country from Texas to Alabama, Virginia, Maryland and Hawaii as well as Germany where she raised her four children, served her local communities, and remained exceedingly active in various churches. She retired to California after Fred’s passing in Hawaii, first to Highland and then Aliso Viejo before coming home again.  A lifelong fan, she referred to the Dodgers as "her" baseball team since they moved from New York to LA to follow her.  A master at correspondence, Marge kept in touch will all whom crossed her path around the world; many attended her funeral from as far away as Maine.  Marjorie is survived in California by her sister Nancy, two nieces and a nephew as well as three of her children who are scattered from Texas to Georgia and Virginia. She was especially proud of all the Beaman great grandchildren who number twelve.

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  • Biography

    • Occupation Housewife, Mother, Organist
    • Children: Christopher (1950-1984), David, Victoria, and Thomas
    • Parents: Alfred Beaman (10/13/1888-4/13/1953) & Edith Beaman (5/15/1892-1/14/1953) of San Marino, Calif.
    • Hobbies: Music, LA Dogers, Gardening
    • Spouse: LtCol [USAF] Frederick Ellis Jr. (2/1/1922-5/28/1975) of Washington, D.C.
    • Accomplishments: Bachelor of Arts, Pomona College 1944
    • Born in: Los Angeles, California, USA
    • Resided in: San Marino, Highland and Aliso Viejo, California
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Plot Location

  • Section: BLOCK Z
  • Plot: LOT 652
  • Grave: GRAVE 3


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