1889 ~ 4/13/1953





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  • Alfred Edward Beaman emigrated from Liverpool, England alone in 1912 aboard the ship RMS Celtic, White Star Line, where he would first meet his future wife from Leominster, Massachusetts and entered through Ellis Island on November 2nd. Twenty-three and seeking his fortune, he moved to Los Angeles to be a bookkeeper for a wholesale bakery. Alfred filed a Declaration of Intention for US Citizenship on 7 Oct 1913 in the Los Angeles Superior Court: his naturalization was completed with the Oath of Allegiance taken on 14 Apr 1919 at the US District Court in Boston, Massachusetts. Alfred renewed his relationship with Edith May Kingsbury during his visit to Boston and she made the arduous trip west to settle in Santa Ana when they got married on 6 September, 1921. After their daughters‘ births in Los Angeles in 1923 (Marjorie) and 1926 (Nancy), Alfred and Edith moved to San Marino where his accountancy flourished amongst the local orange grove owners. Edith died on 14 Jan 1953 and Alfred died 3 months later on 13 Apr 1953.

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  • Biography

    • Occupation Accountant
    • Parents: Christopher Gerald Beaman (11/13/1856-10/30/1890) & Mary Marle Goodman (1856-1923) both born Liverpool, England
    • Spouse: Edith May Kingsbury of Leominster, Massachusetts
    • Born in: Liverpool, Lancashire, England on October 13, 1888
    • Resided in: 2115 Roanoke Road, San Marino, California
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Plot Location

  • Section: BLOCK Z
  • Plot: LOT 652
  • Grave: GRAVE 3


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