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Casket or Cremation Burial Options

In-ground burial or below-ground burial

Includes traditional in-ground burial of a complete body in a casket in addition to the below-ground burial of cremated remains in an urn. San Gabriel Cemetery has burial plots for sale, burial spaces and lawn crypts available for in-ground or below ground burial.


Above-ground burial in a community mausoleum or niche is a different option to in-ground burial. Our Heritage mausoleum is free-standing above-ground building that encases the burial containers or the crypts of the deceased being laid to rest in a casket or in a cremation urn.

Advance Funeral Planning

What are the advantages of pre-planning a funeral service? There are several benefits when you handle your final arrangements in advance. The furthermost benefit is financial, but there are several emotional benefits also. When a family makes arrangements in advance, you have a better chance of making educated choices. If you select to pay in advance, you guarantee today’s prices and can take advantage of reasonable installment plans.

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Above Ground

Mountain View Columbarium
Mountain View Columbarium
cremation columbarium | San Gabriel Cemetery

Heritage Columbarium

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Vista Columbarium


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Beautiful Landscapes with In-Ground Space 

casket and cremation interment
In-Ground Spaces Nestled Among our 19th Century Funerary Art
casket and cremation interment

Economical Spaces for Two – Various Locations